Saturday, July 16, 2011

Gun Control and Project Fast and Furious: Worst Straw Man Ever?

In short Project Fast and Furious, and it’s off shoot, Project Gunrunner, used money from the Stimulus Bill (remember, all spending equals stimulus) to prove that if you sell weapons to known straw purchases for drug cartels members and let them illegally cross the border, they will use those guns to kill people.

Obama has been known to use straw mans when debating opponents; this might be his administration’s worst yet.

No one would ever advocate the position that allowing 2,500 guns to illegally flow into Mexico wouldn’t cause an escalatation in violence among the drug cartels.

Apparently though, that’s what this administration was exactly trying to prove.

Furthermore, emails have been released that show the DOJ was trying to use this operation (surprise surprise) as a backhanded way to create enough chaos on the border to justify enacting further gun control in America.

Despite the fact that any rational person would know from the outset that forcing American gun dealers to sell weapons to straw purchasers would be a terrible idea (the US gun dealer who participated had his concerns ignored),this somehow never occurred to our administration.

Not only that, evidence suggests the Justice Department officials were trying to cover up the operation after they realized what a disaster it had become.

Forget the fact that multiple laws were knowingly broken in an attempt to “prove” we need more gun control (circular logic at its finest), it also shows that if the laws already in place were followed, none of this would have happened. This bears repeating. The government had to break current laws on gun control in order to justify creating new laws on gun control. 

So what’s the government’s response to one of its most ill-conceived operations ever?

Well, more gun control of course.

In short, tax payer money was wasted, a US agent along with who knows how many innocent Mexican civilians are dead, and you, the American citizen, get punished.

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