Friday, June 24, 2011

Libya Update

The House has passed a bill to reject authorizing the continuation of direct military action in Libya, but still leaves open a line of funding for the mission.

Several thoughts:

1)      National Security should not be used to score cheap political shots (Cough Republicans Cough)
2)      Obama has done a poor job explaining to the public why we should stay and continue to fight
3)      Obama needed to devout more resources so we can beat, not engage, Qaddafi’s regime.
4)      Fighting a half-hearted war will only embolden Qaddafi

I understand that there is no easy answer, because their are so many unknowns, such as who will replace Qaddafi if he is effectively removed and whether Libya will be worse or better off without him. But it's sad when we begin something and partisanship gets in the way of things that are really important, like our ability to protect the citizens and protestors in Libya who are being massacred in their fight for freedom.

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